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It may just be coincidence, but all three groups of residents in the Woking area recorded in this blog during the autumn as bitterly opposing developments have won their fights, or at least the inital stage. The latest victory is by residents in Goldsworth Park, who mounted strong opposition to plans by Henderson Shop Fund to redevelop the shopping centre, which would have meant the end for five retail outlets, including a post office and a pharmacy. The upshot of kicking up a stink was that Woking’s planning committee threw out the proposals. The plan may go to appeal, and the outcome is still not certain. In these days of deep financial uncertainty the developer may take time to rethink the proposals. But whatever happens in the future, in all these three cases – St John’s, West Byfleet, and now Goldsworth Park – protests and demonstrations and petitions have had an effect. Democracy does seem to be working!


  1. Hopefully it’ll be 4 soon! I’m sure you’re aware that Woking Council have a cosy plan to move Woking College from Rydens Way to Woking Park, and the new building will occupy 1.4 acres.

  2. Yes, I’m watching this one with interest and concern. The Save Woking Park group have already set up their own website, to fight the proopsals. Good luck to them!

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