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Last month plans for World Wildlife Fund-UK to move its headquarters from Godalming to Brewery Road, Woking, alongside the Basingstoke canal and close to the Lightbox, moved a step forward when councillors gave the go-ahead for negotiations to start. WWF is talking about a building that is environmentally-sensitive and uses sustainable resources, which obviously fits in with Woking’s increased attempt to brand itself as an environmentally-friendly town. The coming of WWF to Woking would certainly raise the town’s profile, and provide some consolation after the about-turn by Surrey county council on plans to establish a new HQ on the same site three years ago. These were scuppered partly by the opposition of residents in nearby Horsell, who may also object to WWF, but more importantly on cost grounds. (Surrey instead elected to keep its HQ in the London borough of Kingston after all, which has not been part of Surrey since the mid-1960s).  David Nussbaum, the chief executive of WWF-UK, has been quoted as saying: “The new green headquarters offers WWF a fantastic opportunity to improve our own footprint, and improve the way that we, as an organisation, interact with our environment. We have been keen to understand local perspectives about our aspirations for the Brewery Road site, and have been particularly encouraged by the response from members of the public during the initial consultation exercises.” Make of that what you will!

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  1. As a resident, I think it’s wonderful that a WWf will be coming to Brewery Road. The site should be made as attractive as possible with plenty of greenery. There is no need to maintain any aspect of the car park as this will only continue to encourage people to drive to town rather than walk when we should be aiming to reduce C02 emissions in Woking.

  2. Having seen the WWF presentation in Woking this week and model of their proposed building I can only agree with you (see most recent blog). The car park spaces will be retained anyway, and the WWF staff won’t be allowed to use them! There will be plenty of trees, a visitor centre, public piazza, and the canalside area will be improved. What’s not to like? It will be a tremendous boost to the town if it happens

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