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A glossy newsletter from Woking MP Humfrey Malins – sorry you’re going, Humfrey – plops on to the doormat. Included in the list of his commendable activities is a picture of Humfrey conferring “Secure Station Status” on West Byfleet station, accompanied by a slightly bewildered-looking member of station staff, and two smug-looking South West Trains managers. According to SWT’s website, secure station status is only conferred after meeting strict criteria set by the British Transport police and the Department for Transport. In West Byfleet’s case, they obviously took into account the passenger shelter on platform one, the evening gathering place for local youths, where the detritus of discarded chips and bottles, broken or otherwise, accumulate day after day. They would also have kept in mind the waiting room on platforms two and three, which has been locked up and barred to deter vandals for many years. And then of course there is the new footbridge and lift, still barred to passengers while work to finish them, which started well over 18 months ago, seems to drag on for ever. And what about the secure stations certificate itself? No sign of it being on display in the passenger ticket office/waiting area. Well, it would only encourage attacks from vandals, wouldn’t it?

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  1. Credit where it’s due: in the last week or two SWT do seem to be making an effort to keep West Byfleet station cleaner. The shelter where the local youths congregate at night is being cleared of food detritus and bottles more regularly, even if it requires special staff from another station to do the job since West Byfleet has been so denuded of operatives. And a second ticket machine on the down platform is there if the other one isn’t working, if you’ve got time to sprint over the footbridge and back again before your train arrives!

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