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GEDC0403_editedThe finishing touches were being made this afternoon to this stunning  tree sculpture of Pegasus the winged horse at Brewery Road in Woking. It’s been commissioned by Horsell Common Preservation Society to transform a tree badly damaged by a storm  in 2007,  and the chainsaws were being applied by the Tree Pirates, a band of sculptors whose next project will be at the Glastonbury festival. One of the Pirates, Ella, right,  said the work had taken around three weeks to complete. She added that a passing lorry driver had stopped to tell them he used to be in the Parachute Regiment, and had served in the Falklands. The Paras’ badge is Pegasus, and he asked if his regimental beret could be placed somewhere on the sculpture. As a result it is now inside the trunk. Ella said they were all moved by his gesture. “We all welled up a bit,” she said, adding that if people like the sculpture, perhaps they could let the preservation society know


  1. I love Pegasus. The sculpture is dramatic and uplifting. In these dark days it’s fantastic to turn the sad loss of such a wonderful tree into such a vibrant figure.

  2. I think sculptures such as this can only be of benefit to the environment and the people which live in it. A truly magical sculpture which surly will become a landmark. 4 very talented artists worked for nearly 4 weeks to produce this stunning example of there work for more info see or to get in touch with the team call 07792395277.

  3. I share your sentiments, Bernie. And so it seems do many other people, judging from the number of hits there have been, and the positive feedback the preservation society has been getting. I think the fact that it’s taken people by surprise, appeared there as if by magic …

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