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Residents of Woking could be forgiven for thinking that a rogue developer must have been at work in recent days, illegally felling dozens of mature trees  at the entrance to Woking Park and around the leisure centre. Or maybe it was the aftermath of a particularly vicious tornado that struck the Woking area, necessitating the removal of the mighty trees for safety reasons. But fear not: instead it was Woking council, acting as always in the best interests of council taxpayers. Apparently it was all to do with the Hoe Stream flood relief scheme. According to an obscure council document, the felling of the trees was necessary to allow flood relief works to take place, but also to improve the quality of the trees in the park: “The existing trees offer a wide range of varied species, including some specimens of considerable maturity. However, it is also considered that they represent too great a variety, merging into an indistinctive quality.” Like buying up Wolsey Place and the Woking Gateway scheme, it’s a question of long-term vision, you see.

Joking aside, there are other troubling aspects about this scheme. The Woking News and Mail reports (May 20) that it may push Woking council further into the red. It also says that it is being implemented by Thameswey Developments Ltd, this mysterious company that seems to have its finger in many Woking pies, including the Canopy, as well as in Milton Keynes. I haven’t commented on Thameswey before, because I quite frankly don’t understand its less-than-transparent workings.  But why can’t the council carry out this scheme itself, rather than sub-contract it out to Thameswey? I’m sure there is a logical and reasonable explanation …  Maybe the council can come out with a detailed statement explaining how Thameswey  works for the benefit of Woking?


  1. Idiots!
    Unnecessary and an eyesore. Have they researched the negative effects?

  2. It’s hard to see how this will “improve the quality of the trees in the park”. Months later the park still looks devastated. What was a beautiful approach to the leisure centre is just nasty.
    I really hope they know what they’re doing…

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