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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Going to the theatre or cinema in Woking should be an all-round, enjoyable experience. Unfortunately it often isn’t, despite the excellent New Victoria and Rhoda McGaw theatres, and spacious bar areas. First of all you have to pay to use the car parks at night – a relatively new imposition, but with Woking council now £150m in debt I suppose you have to grin and bear it. (However, it’s particularly hard on disabled people from outside the borough who have to pay the full whack). Then after the show, having queued to pay at the ticket machine, you can be trapped in the car park for up to 30 minutes trying to get out if everyone is trying to leave at the same time.  One way to reduce this problem would be to keep the theatre bars open for an hour or so after the shows,  to allow people who have turned up to see friends appear in amateur theatricals to congratulate them on their performance, socialise, and stagger the mass car park exodus. The current arrangements just leave the punter with the impression that he or she is being processed out of the place as quickly as possible: “Thank you for your custom, now on your bike.”  Well, if you were on a bike you might get out of the town centre more rapidly that way.  It doesn’t happen at the Electric theatre in Guildford, where the bar stays open after the show.  Something for the vast, money-making Ambassadors organisation to think about?