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Woking WWF bridgeWoking council has belatedly “extended” the deadline for objections to the proposed new canal bridge linking Horsell and Woking with the new WWF development at Brewery Road to the end of the month, after the outcry about its design. The objections include the height, linked to the WWF building itself which will be erected on stilts above the existing car park, but more specifically the lengths that pushchair, pram and wheelchair users will be forced to go along along the cyclists’ ramp if they choose not to use the lift. There is an online petition about this, with its closing date 21 October.  The row has rather sadly overshadowed the fact the new bridge is intended to be a tribute to Woking’s famous cricketing twins, Eric and Alec Bedser. It is also a shame that the WWF is being cast once more as a villain in this piece, with Woking council being accused of bending over backwards once more to facilitate the WWF’s prestigious arrival in the town. Surely the real reason for the increased height of the bridge has been overlooked: it is to attract larger boats along the Basingstoke canal as Woking seeks to reposition itself as a south-east centre for shipping.

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  1. I do not understand the reference to the increased height of the proposed new bridge, facilitating shipping on the canal, as the existing iron bridges, which are of the same height as the existing bridge,are being retained.
    Also naming the bridge after the Bedser twins does not seem right , as they are not able to give their opinion , and might not have agreed with the plans.
    Earlier comments stated that Horsell people objected to the plans for SCC buildings going ahead. This was surely reasonable , as the weight of traffic caused by the numerous employees of SCC could not have been sustained in the area. I was not involved in the discussions at the time, but I thought that was the reason the plan did not proceed.

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