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At last! News that some sort of structure is to be erected in Woking to commemorate the Jam, whose no 1 hit back in the early 80s, Town Called Malice, is all about the town that Paul Weller grew up in.  According to the revived Woking News and Mail newspaper, three alternative ideas under consideration are 1) 11 standing monoliths; 2) something called “flowing screen”, inspired by the Jam song Tales from the Riverbank; 3) three upright sculptures around a sphere.

In other words, all pretty abstract. The commissioned artist is Richard Heys, and the location will be the Barratt Homes development near Woking station. The final choice will rest with Barratt, although Woking council and Woking Lightbox are also involved. It is hoped it will be ready later this year. The location seems a bit tucked away. But let’s hope the final work will mean something to the many Jam fans out there, who might even be encouraged to make a pilgrimage to Woking to take a look at it.

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