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It’s worth drawing the attention of all Paul Weller and Jam fans to a piece at the back of the G2 section of the Guardian today, in which Weller and Foxton talk about the making of their great song, Town Called Malice. Weller confirms, not for the first time, that it’s “partly about Woking, where I grew up, which had always been a depressed place. That line ‘rows and row of empty milkfloats dying in the  dairy yard’ was directly influenced by Woking. ‘Cut down the beer or the kids’ new gear’ was about how people were struggling. I remembered my mum and dad: I don’t think the swinging 60s ever hit Woking. They were forever rowing about not having enough money.” Among the early comments on  the Guardian article is one identifying the dairy yard as a Unigate one near Weller’s home in Stanley Road; and another from a starstruck one who received a tip that Paul Weller could be found in the Holly Tree pub in Addlestone one evening in 1981. He went there to find Jam bassist Bruce Foxton playing pool instead; but was only slightly disappointed.

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  1. Who’d have thought that Woking would inspire such a great song? 🙂

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