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This new mosaic mural in Woking is a stirring reminder of the Olympic bike race that came through Byfleet, West Byfleet and Pyrford last summer.  Based on a photograph taken by Adrian Meredith as Team GB and other riders hurtled through West Byfleet, it is made up of more than 9,000 photographs of the event and West Byfleet Live celebrations sent in by other local snappers, and put together by the company The mural and other mosaic, this time of Jubilee celebrations, has been placed just off Woking’s recently renamed and reopened Jubilee Square, in a walkway that used to be dark and dank but now has been dramatically improved  thanks to a skylight and lighter paving. Other plaques along the walkway recall the contribution that Celebrate Woking 2012  made this year to the local community’s feelgood factor. The facelift for the square, which seems to have met with universal approval, the new look for the library, and the walkway spruce-up are part of the incremental improvements to Woking that are slowly changing the feel of the place. But, just like that captured moment in the bike race, there’s still a long way to go …

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