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The recently rebranded Woking Advertiser reports that Woking’s market stalls at the end of Commercial Way are to be relocated to a spruced-up Peacock Walk, as they make way for the £150m Bandstand Square redevelopment.  That’s the good news for the stallholders – but the bad news may be that they have to fulfil new “diversity” and “vibrancy” criteria before they will be allowed to move there.  Woking council is apparently planning to make Peacock Walk into a “grand arcade” with a lighting scheme to make up for the current gloom in the passage area between Wolsey Place and the multi-storey car park. But “diversity” and “vibrancy”? Are these not code words for gentrification? Will Woking market’s stallholders with their old-fashioned prices be elbowed aside in favour of farmers’ market type stalls, selling olives,  focaccia, pickles, and other condiments essential to the middle classes? Will there be honey once more for tea? Watch this space …

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  1. If there is any sense there will be space for the excellent fruit&veg and flower stalls but after that there’s not much else in what can only be loosely described as a market; stylish stalls with breads, cheeses, meat, fish and even olives, yes please. Nothing wrong with a little bit of gentrification, Woking needs improving and this is to me a welcome part of that process. Maybe in time we might even have some shops that fit in with that to.

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