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The attention of Wokingmatters has been drawn to this remarkably ugly building adjoining the Basingstoke canal at St John’s. Apparently it is being used, or has been used, or will be used, to store building materials. (Retrospective planning permission is now being sought). I know people are allowed to erect all sorts of things at the ends of their gardens these days, but this structure, backing onto the canal, a site of special scientific interest, really seems to be pushing at the boundaries. I can’t believe that Woking borough council will grant planning permission, and that will presumably mean that the owner will have to pull it down. It may seem a small thing, to get so het up about one building along the length of such a beautiful canal, but letting it stay will surely grant a precedent, and open the sluice gates to other hideous structures. Here are the details of the plan,  if you want to object to it.

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