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The ukulele can be a very communal instrument, uniting young and older. In its way, and in the way that the Surrey Ukeaholics, above, play it, it can be a symbolic instrument, too. The Ukeaholics, from Surrey and Hampshire and based around Woking, encourage singing along and audience kazoo playing, IMG_1293both at Woking Bandstand yesterday, and at their ¬†regular appearances at Phoenix Cultural Centre’s Monday nights of open mic jam at the centre’s temporary base in Goldsworth Road. The centre is in talks with Woking council about finding a permanent building in the town to house live music, both national acts and local ones, such as the Toniks, pictured yesterday at the bandstand, and community arts as well. Apparently the council still wants more evidence that there is a need for such a venue in Woking. If you think there is, and Wokingmatters certainly does, you should sign this petition. And come along to listen or do your thing at the open mic nights in Goldsworth Road, where even the odd poet or two has been known to turn up from time to time. But don’t let that put you off!

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