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Woking theatre bar prices 001Woking is blessed to have such a fine theatre with the New Victoria, and the Rhoda McGaw as well for amateur shows. A shame, then, that the enjoyment of an evening out at the Ambassadors complex is marred so much by the outrageously exorbitant theatre bar prices. Last Friday I was charged £8.80 for a “regular” glass of Rioja, ie, not the larger size.  I was then asked if I would like to order some more drinks at the interval. Needless to say, I declined. If the glass of wine had been say £6, I might have said, Yes, and the theatre bar would have gained an additional £3.20 income. I was at the Yvonne Arnaud theatre in Guildford a few days later, and asked their wine prices, which were £5-£6 glass. A quick Google elicits similar views from other punters: “I made the mistake last time of ordering two large glasses of Pinot Grigio and was charged £17.60. We actually thought that might have been an error, but, no, and it’s not even the most expensive wine on their carte. They also don’t offer you the price list at the bar.” (TripAdvisor). A comment on the New Victoria theatre’s own Facebook page says: “We got well and truly stung at the interval with the price of the ice creams and drinks.” Another said: “Great theatre but would not advise you to buy a drink at the bar….bottle of water and 2 regular glasses of wine £18.10!!!!” And another: “Why charge so much for drinks. Petrol is cheaper than the Pepsi i bought £3 a bottle no wonder the theatre companies struggle charge less sell more.” I understand that a number of regulars are now reduced to smuggling in their own alcohol. Shame on the Ambassadors Theatre Group for ripping off Woking theatregoers in this way. It certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth, whatever the quality of the drink.

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  1. Wow those prices are worse than central London!

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