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jonathan-lord-mpWoking’s MP Jonathan Lord appears to be significantly out of touch with the views of his constituents, according to the local results of the Remain/Leave vote. While Lord announced months ago that he was in favour of Britain leaving the EU, the vote tally in Thursday’s referendum vote in Woking revealed a significant majority in favour of Remain. As it did in neighbouring Guildford, and in Epsom and Ewell (their MP is Brexit campaigner Chris Grayling) and Wokingham, parliamentary seat of longstanding Eurosceptic MP John Redwood, who was dubbed one of the “Tory bastards” by the-then Conservative prime minister, John Major, back in the 1990s for his anti-EU views. In Lord’s case, perhaps he should consider resigning from his Woking seat, where people were clearly worried about the impact of Brexit on their jobs in London, and stand instead for a seat in the north of England, where the locals are more likely to share his views.

One Comment

  1. Well done Jonathan lord
    At least you have integrity.
    Unlike many of your colleagues
    People will @ the next election will be removing MPs whom ordained to ignore democracy.

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