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I have lived in the Woking area since 1982. This blog is intended to look at significant events and changes to Woking and its immediate area.


  1. Interesting Blog 🙂

    I lived in Woking from 1955 to 1972 (from age 2 though with 3 years away). Plus I still had a lot of connections with the town (though lived elsewhere) for the next 25 years after this.

    As you’re a relative newcomer to Woking – your perspective is quite interesting and informative.

  2. Hi there, i am currently studying towards my dissertation at Loughborough University, i have decided to do it on the social exclusion the regeneration of Woking brought specifically towards the move of the market due to my close connections to the town. If you have any time it would be great to get your views on this topic as you seem to have a good opinion and perspective on this topic. Thanks for any help

    • Sorry for my slowness in replying, Georgina. I’m guessing that it may be too late for your dissertation. Perhaps you’ve had a chance meanwhile to interview the traders now operating in the tunnel. They all seem a bit down in the mouth whenever I go past. It is very cold and dark along there.

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