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Category Archives: Kingfield Green


IMG_3499This picture shows the way the recent floods have changed the landscape in Old Woking, at least for the moment. Parts of Millmoor common have become a beautiful lake, and the footpath to the common at Old Woking ends abruptly, as you can see.  But not all the flooding can be attributed to natural causes.  The pond at Kingfield Green appears to have spilled over, but this is due to a blocked and damaged storm drain that occurred when a new lamppost was installed, according to resident Richard Tidbury, below, of Pond House, who with several other residents have found their access blocked for a number of days as a result.  Mr Tidbury, whose wife has had a stroke and needs regular visits from carers,  said a number of agencies  were arguing about whose responsibility it was to fix the problem –  and meanwhile the Kingfield Green residents remain cut off.