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Pride 2

Recalling Woking’s hosting of Pride in Surrey earlier this month. It was a heartwarming moment, a moment to be proud of our town for winning the privilege and honour of hosting Surrey’s first Pride parade. The mood was wonderful, both at the parade and at the celebrations in the park afterwards.  And it was a real family occasion.

It was good to see the police bringing their own contingent to take part in the parade, and the manager of Woking FC and some of his backroom staff there too, lining up to join the parade before their important home match in the afternoon. The turnout seems to have surprised the organisers, with long queues to get into the park after the parade, and not enough food outlets when you eventually got in. Woking matters was reduced to getting its lunch – sausage and chips, since you ask  – at Woking FC, just across the road.

But it was shame that the sponsor of the event was BAS Systems, long-time arms sellers to Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality is illegal. And it was wrong of the Pride in Surrey organisers to try and belittle the legitimate concerns of those who attempted to point this out.  Let’s find another, more acceptable sponsor next year, please. This is important.

And it’s easy – and wrong – to think that on such a happy occasion in Woking that everyone gets the message, that everyone is signed up to all-embracing tolerance and inclusivity these days. We need more Pride days, in Woking and elsewhere, for many years to come, to get the message across to those who seem to think that the Brexit vote has given the green light to old forms of intolerance that we thought had gone for ever.

Pride 1