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Elaine McGinty of the Phoenix Cultural Centre, appearing on Pyrford TV Arts

Almost a year ago, Woking’s Phoenix Cultural Centre reached what it regarded at the time as a milestone on its quest to find a permanent live music and community arts venue in the town, when a full meeting of Woking council told its officers to assist the centre in finding a suitable building. Eleven months on from that meeting, the Phoenix says it is still in talks “but look to receive some positive news  … we really need this to happen soon”. Next month councillors will ask officials for an update on what progress has been made in helping the Phoenix, which in the meantime continues to operate out of temporary premises in Goldsworth Road, where earlier this year that excellent local TV operation, Pyrford TV Arts, went along to film one of the regular Phoenix Monday open mic evenings. Its footage includes an interview with the centre’s Elaine McGinty, who says the campaign for a permanent live music venue in Woking has had many “incremental” successes along the way. In the interview she emphasises that that the Monday open mic nights are particularly aimed at encouraging new, nervous performers to gain confidence and to find their voices.  It’s high time that the hard work of the Phoenix Cultural Centre volunteers was rewarded. A live music and arts venue would undoubtedly raise the profile of Woking and attract new visitors and residents to the town. Let’s hope for – if not expect – some good news from Woking council’s officials next month.

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Lisa VonH appearing on the Pyrford TV Arts feature on the Phoenix Cultural Centre