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GEDC0616It’s time something was done to smarten up the Basingstoke canal and its surrounding area in Woking. At a recent meeting of the canal’s joint management committee last month one member of the public complained¬†that the Woking section resembled¬†“African Queen country.” It was certainly looking very overgrown in the summer. This may be partly due to the fact that it was closed to navigation for the last three years, until earlier this year. Even now the Deepcut flight of locks is closed and the St Johns flight is restricted because of water shortages. Such problems spurred the chairman of the regional branch of the Inland Waterways Association to describe the Basingstoke canal as a “national joke” at the same meeting last month. This is a bit harsh, for the canal is beautiful to walk or ride along, even when closed to boats, and is a haven for wildlife. As far as Woking is concerned, it is a wonderful green asset, along with Woking Park, and should be cherished more than it is. Efforts have been made to tidy the area around the footbridge from the Brewery Road car park, and these should be continued. ¬†Something needs to be done about the rickety old bridge itself as well. The Basingstoke Canal Authority recognises the weed problem along the Woking stretch and says it has the matter in hand. As always, the problem is money.