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Category Archives: West Byfleet’s party in the park 2013


Just before the Olympic cyclists rode through West Byfleet last year,  a mural with a touch of Egyptian hieroglyphics to it appeared in the tunnel under the station, to commemorate the moment. A year on, in an example of West Byfleet’s Olympics legacy in action, I chanced upon two ladies giving the mural a wash and brush spruce-up while on my way to Waitrose. The mural has a protective coat of anti-graffiti paint, but suffers more from water leaks caused by Network Rail’s poor maintenance of the tunnel roof. I won’t embarrass the two ladies by identifying them, but what public-spirited action. It was the second clean-up they had carried out since the mural was unveiled a year ago. Hats off to them in the days before West Byfleet’s party in the park 2013 this weekend.