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Category Archives: Woking arts centre campaign


The Surrey Advertiser newspaper is backing a campaign – and Wokingmatters is too, for that matter – to establish a live music venue in Woking that could double up as a performance space for spoken word and other art forms. The campaign is also supported by former Jam drummer Rick Buckler, and local band The Stanley Blacks, pictured playing at Woking’s party in the Park last summer. The campaign is spearheaded by the Phoenix Cultural Centre, which says it wants to provide a centre for Woking that stages live music and arts events and has space for community groups to use.  It is good that a grassroots group has taken the initiative like this, but actually it is a disgrace that a town the size of Woking does not already have a purpose-built arts and community centre. At one time some people hoped Woking’s Lightbox museum and gallery would fit that bill, but for all its virtues, sadly that has not proved the case, with any spare facilities being used by corporate clients rather than the community that is actually paying for it.  Although the council is apparently managing to find millions from somewhere to revamp the town centre, a community building to help cater for all the flat-dwelling newcomers, as well as the existing residents, does not yet seem to be on the agenda. High time it was! In the meantime,  all power to the Phoenix Cultural Centre and its efforts to wake up Woking, and to showcase the town’s hidden talents. There must be more to Woking than grey office blocks. There must be …

Update 15 April 2013 If you agree with the above there is now a petition you can sign here