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Category Archives: Woking magistrates court

It seems inconceivable that a town of Woking’s size could lose its magistrates court. But that is what our new coalition government is planning. Has all the crime in Woking gone away?  A Woking Lib Dem councillor claims it is all the fault of the previous Labour government. (As someone who had connections with politicians once said:  “He would, wouldn’t he?”) For the thinking behind this move, read This issue should provide an excellent early opportunity for Woking’s new Tory MP, Jonathan Lord, to establish his local credentials and lead a campaign to save our court. Has he said anything on the subject yet?

December 2010 update: Oh well. So Jonathan Lord has failed in his first local battle, to save the magistrates court. Its modern facilities are to shut down, and alleged criminals will have to face the music at Guildford or Staines instead.  It is a slap in the face for Woking, no doubt about that.  On the other hand, the Ministry of Justice clearly wants to cash in on the land value, which must say something about the status of the town … And we all know there aren’t that many criminals in Woking, anyway. Well, not compared to Guildford and Staines.