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The WWF at Woking opened its exhibition area to the public with the minimum of fanfare this week, and I went along to look. There are four, interactive habitat zones, which the staff refer to as pods – I wondered about beehives, or ants’ nests – containing information and stunning visuals about forests, freshwater, oceans, and wildlife. At first you might think, Is this all there is? But don’t be fooled. The pods contain a wealth of information and images, and their impact slowly dawns on you. They are very child-friendly, with display boards at a variety of heights, and even a special entrance into the pod for toddlers, to increase that sense of wonder, and of something magical. Although this week’s opening has been low-key, there will be a proper, official opening of the exhibition area on Saturday afternoon, 25 January, between 2-4, with a bit more razzamatazz, including films. On a quiet weekday – of course, there may not be many of those once the school visits are full swing – I recommend it as a spot to chill out in, accompanied by awesome images and relaxing music. The perfect place to de-stress. I felt as though I was in another world, and then I remembered. It’s still the same one we all live in, and it’s very, very beautiful. The WWF is attempting to prod us, with its pods, into trying to help keep it that way – in any way we can.



Woking Lightbox

The courtyard  at Woking Lightbox looked a picture this afternoon, soaked in sun and decked in flowers, in honour of the Gertrude Jekyll exhibition in the main gallery. It was a really positive visit to the Lightbox. As well as the splendidly informative Jekyll show, there was another interesting selection of pictures from the Ingram Collection on the top floor, plus a third exhibition connected to WWF that I didn’t have time to visit. The shop seems better stocked these days, too, and I was even given a cool bag with my book purchases that slips on to the shoulder in a rather satisfying way.  As I sat in the courtyard afterwards, sipping my tea and watching building work nearing completion on the nearby WWF Living Planet Centre on the other side of the canal, I realised this little corner of Woking could become a tourist attraction. I’m not kidding you!